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Word of God Parish

St. Anselm Church
7446 McClure Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15218

Administrative Office:
2021 S. Braddock Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15218

Mass Schedule

Word of God

Sat. Vigil: 6:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am
Tuesday: 9:30am
Thursday: 9:30am
Saturday: 9:30am
Madonna Del Castello

Sat. Vigil: 4:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am
Monday: 7:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am
Friday: 8:00am

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Word of God
Saturday: 12:00 Noon
Saturday: 10:30am

Sacrament of the Sick

Available after Mass and upon request

Parish Staff

Fr. John Lynam Pastor
Keith Kondrich Deacon
Ron Demblowski Deacon/Pastoral Associate
Michael Burke Director of Music Ministry
Karen Flynn Parish Secretary

Contact Information

Parish Office (412) 241-1372
Parish Office Fax (412) 271-2335
E-mail WordOfGod1994@Verizon.net
Church Street Convent (412) 271-3346
Parish Prayer Line (412) 371-3173

Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism is the gateway to life in the Spirit. It is the means through which we gain access to the other sacraments. Through baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as children of God. By baptism we become members of Christ and his church.

Qualifications of Baptism Sponsors

The Number of SponsorsIn the event that neither the candidate, nor the parents or guardians select a sponsor, pastors may appoint a member of the parish community to fill the role of sponsor. Many parents are often concerned that they cannot find a suitable sponsor for a variety of reasons (i.e., unavailability of family members, being new to the area or unfamiliar with parishioners, etc.).

In such cases, pastors have the responsibility of assisting parents and candidates in the selection of a parishioner to be a sponsor.

Contact the Parish Office for an appointment

Sacrament of Matrimony

The marriage covenant prefigures the new and everlasting covenant between the Son of God and all mankind.

Through this sacrament, Christians signify and share in the mystery of the unity and fruitful love that exists between Christ and his church. Christian couples are to strive to nourish and develop their marriage by undivided affection in good times and in bad.

Contact the Parish Office for an appointment at least 6 months before the wedding


Pastoral Council

Finance Council


Altar Servers




Respect for Life Committee


2nd Sunday Socials

Wedding Committee

East Catholic School

East Catholic School enrolls boys and girls in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, emphasizing academic excellence with a friendly and Christ-centered environment. This community of students, teachers and parents shares a commitment to our Catholic faith and to the intellectual, spiritual and creative development of every student.


East Catholic School (412) 351-5403
2001 Ardmore Blvd, Pgh., PA 15221
Sr. Judith Stojhovic, RSM, Principal